A few days back I stumbled upon an article in Mashable and learned about a new online social game called Empire Avenue, a company based in Alberta, Canada. The concept is that you build your virtual empire by spreading your influence across the web by using Facebook, Twitter or your own website or blog. Basically, Empire Avenue is a virtual online influence stock exchange that utilizes people and websites as stock or ticker symbols. Here’s a brief description taken from Empire Avenue’s own website:

Like a real stock market, your stock price on Empire Avenue is affected by others buying and selling your shares. But you’re also spreading your online influence when you write a blog post, update your Facebook status, post something on Twitter, and so on. The more you do online, the greater your influence and the faster your stock will rise!

As soon as you sign up, by the way it’s free, you will be given what they called Virtual Shares with an initial amount of 10,000 that other people or more appropriately influencers may purchase from you. Your next task will be to create your own unique stock symbol. You have up to 6 characters to create your symbol name. Try using your first or last name or a combination of both. Mine is KELVIN. I chose my first name because I wanted to create a brand about me that people can remember.

From here on out, it’s your duty to build upon your brand. Start by writing your biography, describe who you or what is your website is all about. Make it interesting so others will want to invest in you by purchasing your shares. Then go ahead and add your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. The more connections you add the more potential your stock will increase. Also, if you have a website or blog remember to add them too.

Empire AvenueAs you go along building your brand and taking time to do your part in the market, you will unlock achievements and rewarded with badges, just like Foursquare for check-ins. For all your achievements, you will be rewarded with e-credits, also called Eaves which is a virtual currency in Empire Avenue. With this, you will be able to purchase shares from friends or other people to build your portfolio. Additionally,  you will have the opportunity to invest services such as “Influencer Advertising” for spreading your influence within Empire Avenue domain, hence, potentially increasing your brand’s overall wealth.

When I joined Empire Avenue yesterday, I was totally hooked. Immediately people started to buy shares from me which was initially valued at 10.00 per share. Since then my stock gradually has increased to 10.65 as of this writing. I began to meet new people and my blog received some visits. Now if you think about it, this new concept is a great way to lure people to your brand, increase traffic to your site and a cool way to expand your exposure. I foresee that Empire Avenue will dramatically grow as the months go by. Because of this new and fresh idea which is highly addictive, and because it offers virtual incentives and eventually real dividends for people like you and me for just simply engaging in social media, I predict that Empire Avenue will become very popular, probably reaching the heights of other current popular social network sites.

In the end, this is still a game, but eventually in the future, you’ll be making real money out of Advertisers and brands that want you to carry their name. Until then, sign up and have fun building your empire.


Currently Empire Avenue is in beta and only invitees are able to join. In my pocket, I have one extra invite that I would like to give away. Simply tweet this article and follow me in Twitter so I can DM you for information if you win. I will leave this open until tomorrow 12:00 PM EST where I will randomly choose a winner. Good luck!


Thanks to all who retweeted my article. Congratulations to @DaveMarcus who received an invite to Empire Avenue, however, there still one invite left. First to email me will get the invite. Thanks!

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    Need you in you tube please!!!

  • Alex_laureano

    Need you in you tube please!!!

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      And why is that you need me in YouTube?

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    And why is that you need me in YouTube?

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