Here’s a nice video by Symantec showing an overview of Stuxnet which is known to be one of the most sophisticated malware of all times. Continue reading>>

Kelly Slater is the best athlete in the world in my book. Slater is a professional surfer with 11 ASP World Champions and at the current age of 40, is still kicking ass on tour. Continue reading>>

It’s basically Armitage with extra features that includes spear phishing, malware creation, web drive-by attacks, generating reports and more. Look at it as a combination of Metasploit and S.E.T. with easy to use GUI with reporting capability and red team collaboration, bundled all in one place. Continue reading>>

Realizing that there is no article or tutorial on the subject on the Internet, I decided to write this post if you ever were to analyze a malware with similar characteristics that I’m about to describe. Hopefully this information will be useful to you as it was to me without the effort to spend some time searching on the Internet on how to perform a static analysis on malware packed with Py2Exe. Continue reading>>

JailbreakMe 3.0 is finally out! JailbreakMe 3.0 is a website that you access from your iDevices in order to liberate them for full control. Continue reading>>

Now Shodan is capable of searching exploits from popular vulnerability and exploit database such as the OSVDB and Exploit Database all in one place. It couldn’t get any easier for searching exploits. Continue reading>>

The highly anticipated linux security distribution Backtrack 5 codename: revolution will be release tomorrow only if it can handle the current DOS attack. I tried to visit the distro site minutes ago but instead I received and error page. Continue reading>>

The US Open of Surfing is running this week at Huntington Beach, California. Tops athletes from around the world compete with each other for the championship. The world’s largest professional surfing competition began it’s its nine-day run on Saturday, July 31… Continue reading>>

Updated: Based on couple of tweets by @planetbeing and @MuscleNerd suggests that the carrier unlock for the iPhone 4 should be released to the public by tonight… Continue reading>>

I just received an email from Apple which by the way it’s in Spanglish, expressing their apology for the cancellation of my free iPhone 4 case order. Basically, the email states that they mistakenly canceled my order that I have submitted through their “Apple iPhone 4 Case Program”… Continue reading>>

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